Dr. Ruby K. payne
"The two things that move a person out of poverty are education and relationships"
- Ruby K. Payne

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Dr. Ruby K. Payne

Ruby has been involved with education since 1972 as a teacher, principal, consultant, and administrator. The lessons learned during those years are the bedrock on which aha! Process, Inc. has been built. Her first book, A Framework for Understanding Poverty, is a powerful tool for educators to use when dealing with children from poverty.

In her book, Ruby discusses the hidden rules that govern how each of us behaves in our social class. Those rules, because they are hidden and only known to those within the group, prove to be a major stumbling block for individuals trying to move to a new social class. Students from poverty often languish in classrooms run by members of middle class because those are the rules that govern.

Ruby has developed this message for seminars and workshops as well. Speaking to approximately 200 groups a year, Ruby is working to spread the word throughout North America that children of poverty need not suffer through an educational system oblivious to their needs. More than educators are heeding her message. Judges, social workers, ministers, community leaders and health professionals are all learning from Ruby's work.

A gifted synthesizer, Ruby presents her research and observations in such a way that many people experience "eye-opening learning," enhancing their own abilities to help children of poverty succeed.

Ruby received her B.A. from Goshen (IN) College. She earned a master's degree from Western Michigan University and her doctorate from Loyola (IL) University.

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